All American Jack and Jill
1st  Demetry Souliotes and Mindy Halladay
2nd  Patrick Plagens and Malia San Nicolas
3rd  Russ Hausske and Sue Fries
4th  Gene Kashack and Jade Ruiz
5th  Kim Leung and Melody Yeo

WSDC Novice West Coast Swing Jack n Jill 
1st   Don Kergil with Giuliana Valia
2nd   Stuart McLellar with Laura Browder
3rd   Art Rodriguez with Angela Hoffman
4th   Tim Hoffman with Teresa Laustrup
5th   Russell Mercer with Maggie Sakadelis

WSDC Intermediate West Coast Swing Jack n Jill
1st  Frank Martinez with Rachel Rivera
2nd  KZ Crawford with Samantha Anderson
3rd  Daniel Romero with Phonecia Falcon
4th  Brunno Theodoro with Jill Aversa
5th  David Walkup with Emi Hiwatari

WSDC Masters West Coast Swing Jack and Jill
1st  Gary Thompson with Pam Giles
2nd  Patrick Plagens with Patty Ingram
3rd  Russ Hausske with Laura Thompson
4th  Jim Rabins with Joan Lundahl
5th  Ed Halladay with Trish Connery-Walkup

WSDC Advanced Jack and Jill
1st  Mike Anderson with Jade Ruiz
2nd  Colton Skogberg with Paula Cavalcanti
3rd  Patrick Plagens with Rehanna Loncar
4th  Kim Leung with Mindy Halladay
5th  Gary Thompson with Sue Fries

WSDC AllStar/Champions Jack n Jill  
1st  Lee Easton with Fabienne Henshall
2nd  Demetre Souliotes with Milia San Nicolas
3rd  Scott Mason with Candace Cravalho
4th  Demetre Souliotes with Marine Fabre 
5th  Alex Seguritan with Karla Catana

Strictly Swing Novice 
1st  Dan Harrison & Joan Canonigo
2nd  Larry Armstrong & Maggie Sakadelis

Strictly Swing Masters 
1st  Gary Thompson and Laura Thompson
2nd  Ed Halladay and Mindy Halladay
3rd  Travis Wright and Pam Giles
4th  Patrick Plagens and Sue Fries 
5th  David Searl and Patty Ingram

Strictly Swing Advanced
1st  Brunno Theodoro & Paula Cavalcanti
2nd  Colton Skoberg & Jessica Green
3rd   Mike Anderson & Samantha Anderson
4th Patrick Plagens & Jade Ruiz
5th  Jim Rabins & Jennifer Rabins

Strictly Swing Champions
1st Demetre Souliotes & Fabienne Henshall
2nd Lee Easton & Malia San Nicolas

CTST Novice Jack n' Jill 2‐Step
1st  Jeff Blevins with Laura Browder
2nd  Kim Leung with Elisa Seja
3rd  Gene Kasack with TingTing Wu
4th  Joe Thompson with Larissa Leybovich
5th  Robbie Arnold with Melody Yeo

CTST Intermediate 2‐Step Jack n' Jill
1st  Bobby Padilla with Mindy Halladay
2nd  Adam Varney with Nancy Schijvinck
3rd  Patrick Plagens with Cheryl Williams
4th  David Kamins with Lisa Sandoval
5th  Bill Elmer with Pam Giles 

CTST Masters 2-Step Jack n’ Jill
1st  David Searl with Trish Connery-Walkup
2nd  David Walkup with Patty Ingram
3rd  David kamins with Cheryl Williams
4th  Patrick Plagens with TingTng Wu
5th  Rick Czeckowski with Sue Fries

CTST Advanced/Allstars 2-Step Jack n’ Jill
1st  Tim Perez with Trish Connery-Walkup
2nd  Scott Mason with Joan Lundahl
3rd  Travis Wright with Laura Hoover
4th  David Walkup with Candace Cravalho
5th  Charles Jones with Yvonne Dodson